Castleville Legends Review – Explore Legendary Places and Grow your Kingdom

I was a big fan of Zynga and their games on Facebook and I have not played Zynga’s social games on Facebook since Zynga pushed Mafia Wars 2 that has been proved a failure. I know Zynga were somewhat frustrated by the fact that mobile gaming dominating players’ life more than previous social gaming on Facebook.

With Zynga’s last year’s series of acquisition of mobile game developers,  Zynga seems eager to re-dominate the casual gaming market by reinvigorating its games  with mobile elements.

With Castleville Legends, a sequel to the popular Facebook game Castleville, you will see Zynga is going in the right direction. The game soft-launched in Canadian App Store several weeks ago and has racked up a surprising download record. Today, the company officially announced the worldwide release. 

Castleville Legends offers players a brand new realm to create, with some facebook Castleville characters revived from the crystal prisons in the game. Your mission in the game is clearly explained from the very beginning. The story happens in a legendary ville, a thriving and wealthy land centuries ago. Later, an envious wizard put an evil Gloom spell on it and the land unfortunately went to ruins. But now, you are here on the mission to rebuild it. As you enter the game, a wizard called Magnus asks you to free him from the cursed crystal prison. You tap the screen, and magically save him. The little wizard gives his gratitude to you and promise to be at your service. He grants you the magic of rebuilding from ruins. Under his guidance, you start your interesting gameplay.

The game fulfills you with the childhood dream of using magic to accomplish something great and important. As in the game, there are a good deal of interesting quests. You start from rebuilding the Royal castle by a Wand. Then build a Royal Vault for storage for the budding kingdom. A huge variety of workshops, resources, decorations and specials will be unlocked when you gain enough experience. With the raw materials collected from the field, paste, forest and sea, you send them to the workshop. The workshop will yield some useful tools or valuable goods, such as a plain torch useful for exploring the ancient watchtower, or some applesauce to sell to the merchant. Goods for Gold. That’s the key of accumulating a fortune.

The most noticeable twist of game is its hero system. There are a cast of characters from the CastleVille world. Each of them has different abilities, introduces new missions, and helps you to open a new land. The woodsman Rafael will be able to cut down big trees, Pretty Yvette will enable you to explore Dragons Roost, and etc. A number of dragons will be at your service as well once you reach a required level. You can then send these heroes into the mystical ancient castle to explore for hidden treasures, which can be sold at good price and earn you more EXP.

As with all other farming tiles, CastleVille Legends also features a well-devised social system, which is called “sea trading” in the game. When you’ve got enough inventory, you can label your products with prices, load them on your ship and set sail for a couple of hours to sell them. You can also connect to Facebook to buy goods from and sell them to your real friends. The social part is always what I favor the most when playing farming games. And Zynga, as a renowned social network expert, never let us down on that.

In short, CastleVille Legends is amazingly animated and easily addictive. With seamless missions thrown at you continuously, you can hardly think of anything else but putting your hands into the dance all the time. The worldwide release of Castleville Legends is just here. You can now download the game from your local Appstore.

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