Coming Tonight: The Cave, Transport Tycoon, LEVEL 22, and More

It’s been a long time practice that big iOS games are prone to launching at Wednesday nights (Beijing Time). But there is no lack of exceptions when we stayed up for the whole night, only to see a few passable games. Well, we do expect every Wednesday could bring a great number of games that we can enjoy, but it seems tonight is gonna be another exception. As of this article, we’ve spotted some exciting, though not truly big, titles appearing in the NZ App Store, such as The Cave, Transport Tycoon, LEVEL 22 and a few more. Check them out or stayed tuned as we bring your more updates.

The Cave

It’s been quite a time since we saw last SEGA’s installment of iOS game. And this time it brings a colorful adventure game called The Cave, where you create a team of 3 characters, explore into the depth of the mysterious Cave and work together to solve puzzles. Tons of childhood fun to relive.

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Transport Tycoon

If you are a fan of transportation simulation games, you must be living in ultra happiness these days. It’s just last week that we witnessed the coming of Pocket Train, and now we are gonna brace for Transport Tycoon, the definitive version of the classic simulation game. Jump now in to build your formidable transport empire!

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Being late for work is never a pleasant experience to live. But how to make up for it? Jump in LEVEL 22 to find out. It is the stealth game set in your work place. You must try every possible way to make yourself invisible during your way up to your work place – the 22nd floor. See how stealthy and despicable you can be!

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NASCAR: Redline

The world’s most popular racing competition has for the first time landed on the iOS platform! Start out as a rookie in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and strive to become a racing star by training your team, upgrading your car and making the right moves at critical moments.

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See what Crescent Moon Games, who brought us Monkey Boxing, Redline Rush, Greedy Dwarf and a lot more, has to offer this week – Nakama, a breathtaking beat’em up platformer with cute pixel art. Jump, smash and rescue your Nakama (friends)!

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Pandemic: the Board Game is also coming tonight! Stay tuned!

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