Today’s Best iOS Games: Shadowslayer, CSR Classics, Fight me!, Catastrophic Zombies! and More

For us iOS gamers, there is nothing that feels better than seeing some heart-pounding games popping out in the App Store over the weekend. In case you haven’t noticed today’s newly released iOS Games on your Local App Store, we at Appsgoer have sorted out the most eye-grabbing games that are worth giving a nod to. These games are selected from multiple App Stores, so you’ll need to register corresponding accounts for each country to download them on your iDevices. Take a look at these great games below:

CSR Classics

CSR Racing has nailed one of the top car racing game on the iOS platform since its official release in June, 2012. Its wild success must have gives its developers great confidence to launch a new sequel – CSR Classics, which has landed on the NZ App Store and pledged to set the benchmark in graphics and gameplay. Any player who has a fancy for car racing should give it a shot.

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Shadowslayer: Dawn of the Lightforge

Z2 Live, the creator of Battle Nations, Nitro, MetalStorm and many other popular games, brings you a brand new action packed RPG named Shadowslayer: Dawn of the Lightforge. The game fully displays what an excellent ARPG has to offer – playing as a legendary hero, creating formidable gear, developing unique abilities, exploring a perilous world and slaying a variety of dreadful enemies. The game is currently available in the CA App Store, which means you’ve got to have an iTunes Account for the CA Store to download. Fortunately, it’s totally free of charge.

update: Available Worldwide Now

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Fight Me!

Fight Me! is a cutely animated role-playing game driven by an old-fashioned yet still intriguing story. The story unfolds as a brother and sister battle their way through an assortment of fearsome creatures to avenge the death of their father.  In the game, you can choose and customize your character, and lead him or her into the dangerous world packed with malicious enemies. Fight for the glory and justice of mankind!

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EMPIRE: The Deck Building Strategy Game

We have a ton of deck building strategy games to choose from in the App Store. So I’ve been wondering what is truly required to make one stick out. Ingenuity! That’s what keeps a game ever-fresh and invigorating. That said, we should give a warm applause to the newly released EMPIRE, which is claimed to be the world’s first “Deck-Building 4X Strategy Game”. Since August 12th, it has gone through a one-month beta, which has yield a solid result, giving the developer more confidence to launch it officially. Anyway, it will definitely be worth your while and the price it asks for. Give it a try!

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Gardenscapes 2

Playrix has released a number of farm-themed titles that boil down to the hidden-object genre, such as BARN YARN, Gardenscapes and a few others. As a seqeul to Gardenscapes, the new title comes anew and exalts the farming and hidden object searching experience to a new level! Just jump in and help your old friend make the family garden thrive again. For your reference, the game is only available in the CA App Store.

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Catastrophic Zombies!

These days the App Store has been stormed by a plethora of match-3 RPG games, featuring Battle Camp, Combo Cat, and some more. Following that trend, Catastrophic Zombies!, a brand new zombie-themed puzzler, is released to enrich the genre. Featuring simply controls, smooth learning curve, and turn-based combat system, the game offers the most unique matching and shooting experience on your mobile.

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