Coming Tonight: Monster Adventures, Steampunk Tower, Random Runners and More

When it comes to Wednesday, we have to keep our eyes peeled so as not  to miss any game that has potential to be a hit.  And we feel highly honored if, through our efforts, some lost gems might be discovered and exposed in the spotlight. The factors we take into consideration when collecting games in our list include good first impression, eye-grabbing graphics, rich background and content, etc.. Overall, they are all promising games worth dumping your time into. As always, the listed games are currently available in the NZ App Store and will land on the US App Store at 11:00 pm EST. Check them out.

Monster Adventures

Foursaken Media, the maker behind Block Fortress and Heroes and Castles, brings you Monster Adventures, an all new iOS game that blends monster collecting and action RPG elements. What’s gonna happen when Pokémon meets Zelda? Find the answer by yourself in Monster Adventures.

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Steampunk Tower

Chillingo’s installment this Wednesday is a once popular flash game called Steampunk Tower. If you have no previous knowledge of it, it is a casual tower defense game, where you control an assortment of cannons on a tower to shoot down incoming enemies. The core gameplay does not change much from the original Steampunk Tower, but developer has intentionally remade it to best fit the touch screen devices. If you are a fan of the tower defense genre, it can serve well as a time killer.

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Random Runners

If you have a liking for pixel games, you are unlikely to be foreign to Ravenous Games’ pixel-style platformers, which include Random Heroes, League of Evil, Gravity Duck and more. And all these previous successes have set a solid stone for this new platformer Random Runners, a spin of the Random Hero franchise. You’ve got to give it a shot.

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Drift Mania: Street Outlaws

In the past months, we’ve seen a fair amount of car racing game landing on the App Store, to name a few, Asphalt 8, 2K Drive and CSR Classics. As a new entry to the Drift Mania franchise, Drift Mania: Street Outlaws features 21 vehicles, top-notch 3D graphics, more realistic controls and an improved multiplayer mode. Definitely worth giving a try!

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Dragon’s Lair 30th Anniversary

June 19, 2013 was Dragon’s Lair 30th Anniversary. How amazing is that? How many games are there in your memories that own a history of 30 years and still have a fair amount of notoriety. And how many games nowadays can last the same 30 years from now? That said, we should pay our greatest tribute to Dragon’s Lair, one of the most beloved arcade games. And…what are you waiting you? Go and download it to your iDevices now.

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Rakoo’s Adventure

Sometimes it’s not a bad option to sit down and play an incredibly ridiculous game like Rakoo’s Adventure. In the game, you will play as a squirrel to embark on a frantic adventure in the search of his true love. Tons of fun along the way. Jump in to find out.

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