GREE Officially Launches Another CoC Clone “Call to Arms”

I am not sure whether there’s still room for developers getting paid off by imitating a game that had already been cloned numerous times. Today, GREE has just released another strategy game “Call to Arms” that apparently takes on the entire gameplay of “Clash of Clans”, one of the best strategy game enormously popular on both iOS and Android.

But believe it or not, It is late. Even as I mentioned earlier, the very original game “Backyard Monsters”, which Clash of Clans draws inspiration from, is still late.  Since Clash of Clans dominated the App Store, there are tons of developers getting down to cloning it. And of course, there are some major developers joining the ranks of “Imitation” including Gameloft, IGG, 2K Games, Kabam, etc..

Apart from a few differences of visuals and units,  Call to Arms is a poorly executed small budget clone, of no real advantage over other clones such as Galaxy Factions, Lord of the Guardians and Total Conquest, not to mention Clash of Clans.

In any case, Call to Arms is free to play like most GREE’s games, so if you still love trying a game similar to Clash of Clans, you can download it to your iPhone or iPad as the game has just launches worldwide and you may get a decent rank in the leaderboards with a few raiding.

Here is the iTunes link, or you can read Call to Arms reviews from

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