Galaxy Factions Officially Launches, Clash of Clans in 3D and with a Sci-Fi Setting

This Monday, Coco Entertainment International made its App Store debut with Galaxy Factions – a cool new Clash of Clans clone with some major twists. The setting is futuristic space and the graphics are in exciting full 3D. On top of that, there are customizable hero units you can take into battle alongside your troops.

The tried and true gameplay mechanics of Clash of Clans are present in full force. You build up your base, raise an army, and take on other bases for their resources. You can take on enemies in a multi-galaxy single-player campaign and you can play random matches against other players. You can also team up with other players to form alliances.

The game features 12 units and 10 different hero classes. As you progress through the game, you can collect heroes and powerful equipment for them. The equipment lets you customize the strengths and battlefield abilities of your heroes.

The game has great graphics and its built on a gameplay foundation that so many already know and love. It’s really refreshing to see a developer clone a game and then take it to the next level. Customizable heroes, awesome abilities, and full 3D graphics definitely mean Galaxy Factions is at least worth checking out.

Galaxy Factions on iTunes

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