Spirit Horizon is an Awesome Match-3 Puzzle RPG Inspired by Puzzle & Dragons

If you love match-3 role-playing games like Puzzle & Dragons and Heroes & Monsters, you will be excited for the newly released Spirit Horizon, which is developed by Daylight Studios and published by IAHGames for key Asian markets.

Spirit Horizon combines the challenge of match-3 puzzle mechanics with exciting fast paced battle gameplay. In the game, you will chain up great combos and deal massive damage to your enemies as you set out on your adventure to save mystical world of Kaldera!

You take on the role of Izec, our young Spirit Warrior, who is guided by his wise Grandfather Wickham as he journeys to save the world from the evil Mist Creatures. In your journey, you must seek out the lost Spirits of Kaldera and recruit them to your Spirit Team. Master the use their unique elemental powers grow stronger as the Spirit Warrior of Kaldera.

Stages can be replayed and challenged in different ways to collect Materials; these Materials can be used to strengthen the your Spirits. Each Spirit has a different skill, so customize your Spirit team strategically to unleash their killer potential in battle!

Spirit Horizon is a free-to-play game, now available on Google Play and the App Store.

Note: If you are living in a place where the game is not available, you can read our walkthrough tutorial to register a free Singapore Apple ID.

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