Clash of Clans Gets New Hero Abilities, Troops and Spell Boosts, and Balance Tweaks

Clash of Clans was enormously popular throughout the year of 2013, but the players who were insanely engaged in epic battles are now becoming less inactive possibly because they are tired of building their village. As the number of active players continues to decline, developer Supercell are seeking to find problems within the game itself.

Today, Clash of Clans, one of my favorite iPad games, has received a major update, allowing players to acquire new special abilities during the battle. The Barbarian King will possess Iron Fist that help move faster and deal more damage once it is activated; the Archer Queen’s new ability is called “Royal Cloak” that allows her to become invisible to enemy’s defensive structures and heroes.

Apart from the new hero ability update, there are some boosts for spells and troops. For more, visit the official Clash of Clans Facebook page or the update note.

If you were a player of Clash of Clans and still interested in playing the game, you can now download the game and start building your new hero abilities now.

Download Link for Android:

For iOS:

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