Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad Tank Battle Games of 2013

It might be one of the coolest things in the world to pilot a tank on peril-packed battlefield and have fun taking a number of heavily armed enemies down. For us hardcore gamers, we could eventually have such an experience with our mobile devices. Today, we forged a list of Top 10 mobile Tank Battle games, collecting the most exciting tank battle games released on the App Store within the year of 2013. Now let’s take a closer look.

Iron Force

Chillingo’s Iron Force is an epic multiplayer online tank battle game where you participate into 6-player free for all fights, or join hands with your friends in epic 3 vs 3 battles. There are 7 powerful tanks to play with, each can be upgraded into superior forms. You will need to employ the best of teamwork to clinch the final victory.

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Battle Supremacy

Battle Supremacy is an extraordinary war game where you can pilot not only tanks, but also airplanes and battle ships, every possible massive destructive weapon that can be used on battlefields. It is developed by Atypical Games, the maker of widely popular Sky Gamblers: Cold War and Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders. A new blast on your iDevice!

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Tank Battles-Explosive Fun!

In Tank Battles, you can reinforce your tank with a variety of of cannons, armour, treads, camouflage and more. Have fun in over 80 single-player levels and 10 multiplayer maps, pulverizing blocks, moving obstacles, closing doors, conveyor belts and more.

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BattleFriends in Tanks

BattleFriends in Tanks is an artillery tank combat game where you control your tank and attack anything that stands in your way. The game features clean artwork, simple controls and social-focused turn-based combat.

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Boom! Tanks

From Codemasters, the creator behind Colin McRae RallyF1 Challenge and more, Boom! Tanks is an extraordinary tank battle game featuring a collection of the world’s coolest tanks, three extensive campaigns, and explosive tank combat fun.

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Tank Nation

Tank Nation is an F2P tank battle game with well-animated characters, turn-based arcade action and single/multi-player battle modes. Build and customize the ultimate tank to take on other players, and make your way to the Tank Nation Tournament.

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Battle Nations

Battle Nations is not a typical tank battle game like we’ve listed above. As a matter of fact, it focuses on the turn-based strategies on the battlefield. As a military commander, you will recruit a variety of troops and train them into a formidable force. Then it’s time to wage glorious war against your enemies.

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Tank Battle: North Africa

Tank Battle: North America is a sequel to the widely received strategy game Tank Battle: 1944. Your in-game task is to take command of the allied forces to fight the Germans in the North African and lead your battalion to victory in challenging tactical battles.

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Tank Domination HD

Tank Domination, from Russia-based developer Game Insight, is an MMO combat game taking you to the battlefield of a modern armed vehicle warfare. It boasts realistic physics-based mechanics, real-time online combat, and 30 unique vehicles, each can be modified with a wide selection of auxiliaries.

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1941 Frozen Front

1941 Frozen Front is a turn-based strategic warfare game that lets you experience the thrilling battles on the eastern front in World War II. You are tasked to lead the German forces to defend your country against the Soviet forces in a frozen world. You must show off your tactical prowess to get your missions completed.

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Tank Legions

Tank Legions is a futuristic tank combat game that takes place in New York in 2023, when Manhattan was overrun by enemies with highly advanced weapons. You task is straight and simple – deploy your tanks, take down the enemy tanks and constantly conquer new territories as you complete missions in different zones.

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