How to Create Your Own Canadian Apple ID from your iOS Device

Those of you who follow the mobile gaming scene closely are probably well aware that many games get soft-launched in certain countries’ app stores before they are released worldwide. Developers do this so that they can make the final tweaks needed to make sure their multiplayer servers can handle the load, their monetization system is fair, and their gameplay is balanced.

There are countries that get soft launches much more frequently than others. Those lucky gamers with Canadian or New Zealand App Store accounts often get new games weeks before the rest of us do. Only luck’s got nothing to do with it. Creating your own foreign App Store account is pretty easy. Here at AppsGoer, we’ve made several public IDs you can use to log in to the Canadian App Store and snag some soft-launched games. We’re happy to keep providing that service, but the problem with the public IDs is that anybody can try to reset their password and lock out the account for everyone else. If you’d like the convenience and stability of using your own personal Candian Apple ID, I’m going to walk you through a process that you can do using only an iOS device.

In my example, I will be creating a Canadian account, but you can tweak my steps to create an account for any other country’s App Store.

1. Get an email address that you have access to and that is not already in use as an Apple ID.

Gmail users can simply add periods or plus signs to their email address. Apple will read it as a new email address, but you will still receive the verification email.

For example, all of the email addresses below go to the exact same Gmail inbox:

I will be using to create a new Candian Apple ID.

2. Find a Canadian street address and phone number. Switching to another app while creating a new Apple ID will restart the process, so you can’t just leave the info up in Maps or Safari — you’ll need to write it down or pull it up on a second device.

Finding an address and phone number in the first place is as easy as pulling up the Maps app and looking for any business location in Canada. McDonald’s is a good bet. Some Canadian cities you could use are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa.




3. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store, tap your Apple ID, then Sign Out.


4. Head to the App Store and try to download any free app you don’t already have on your device. Select “Create New Apple ID”.


5.. Even though your country will be grayed out, you can still tap it to change it. Switch it to Canada then hit Next.


6. Agree to the iTunes Terms and Conditions.

7. Enter the email address and password you will be using for your Canadian Apple ID. You must enter three security questions and your date of birth. You do not need a rescue email or to be subscribed to the emails. Hit Next.


8. Leave the payment method as None. You must enter a Billing Address and Phone number. Your Billing Address has to be a Canadian address. The space in the middle of the Canadian zip code is optional.


9. You will be notified that a verification email has been sent to your address. Log in to your email, and hit Verify Now >. You will then need to log into Apple’s site with the email address and password for the Canadian Apple ID.


Once it’s verified, you’re good to start downloading games from your Canadian Apple ID. It should already be signed in on your iOS device.

Here’s a bunch of current Canadian soft launches to get you started:
Boom Beach
Eternity Warriors 3
Dungeon Keeper
Toy Rush
League of War
Dwarven Den
Monster Legends Mobile
Age of Rome

Well, now you’ve got two (or more) Apple IDs to juggle. I personally use three (US, Canada, and New Zealand). When you want to switch to another one, it’s as easy as following Step 3 above to sign out, then signing in to your other Apple ID on the same page. When you switch back, a popup will let you know which iTunes Store it will be switching to. When one of your apps needs to be updated, you don’t need to sign in and out of your different IDs, but you will be prompted to enter the password for the Apple ID that originally downloaded the app.

That’s all there is to it! Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

30 thoughts on “How to Create Your Own Canadian Apple ID from your iOS Device

  1. The App Store doesn’t give you the option to not give a payment method. When I tried to create an account it would not let me go past the page without entering in a visa, MC or Amex number.

    1. You need to log out of your Id, download a free app, then press create new apple Id when it promts you to get the “none” option.

    2. Hello Bri. I had the same problem first. You should try to make a Canadian Apple ID and if you have to select the payment method press cancel. Then go to the AppStore and search boom beach. Somehow you will be able to find it. Press the download button. The AppStore will ask you to log in or create a new Apple ID. Create a Canadian Apple ID again. Now you don’t have to select a payment method and you can finish the account.

  2. in my case there is the field “none” but when i select it and try to continue, then i get the error message that billing information is needed.

    1. That would be the billing address and phone number that it’s looking for. You should have no problem leaving the payment method as “none” as long as you fill out the rest of the page.

      Your billing address MUST be in the same country as the App Store you are creating an account for.

  3. hi, I am in Asia. I’ve tried many times create canadian apple ID ( via itunes, via iphone, via ipad) but always failed at step number 8, can’t continue after i press next. Appsgoer please update another ca public ID (all public ID had security password problem) or anyone want to make me canadian public ID (email to me thank you so much..

    1. Are you filling out the billing address and phone number? This information is necessary even if you leave the payment method as “None”. Remember that the country for the billing address must match the country of the App Store you are creating an account for.

  4. Hi all,

    I want to play Boom Beach, do I have to go through all this to get started, or can I just sign out of my current account and sign into the public Canadian login?

    1. Either way works fine. Using our public ID will get you in right away, but if the account gets locked out you won’t be able to update Boom Beach whenever new updates hit. Taking the time to make your own ID means you’ll have one all to yourself for Boom Beach and the endless stream of other soft launch titles. I highly recommend making your own if you’re up for it, it takes 15 minutes at most.

        1. Yeah, it’s safe. The worst that could happen is your foreign account gets locked out, but there’s really no reason for Apple to do that.

          Regarding the global release, I don’t believe Supercell has announced it yet, but 99.9% of all games that make it to soft-launch eventually see a global release. Once a game is soft-launched, it is either complete or will only see minor tweaks like stat balancing and the adjustment of IAP prices. The game is beyond beta and is publicly playable. There’s basically no reason a company wouldn’t ship a product that has already reached this level of completion.

          1. Okay, thanks,

            Wait- will the public log in information be changed? You said about if the information is changed you can’t update the app?

            So doing this doesn’t go against Apple rules and conditions?

            One final thing to note- If I log in with the Canadian information is it only Boom Beach I can download for soft launch titles?

            So if it needs updating, I can’t if the info has been changed? Can I switch between the Canadian login and my Apple ID?

        1. Sorry for replying to the wrong comment but I’m not seeing a reply button for your latest comment.

          We don’t plant to change the public login, but it only takes a few people trying to reset the password to lock the account out. If the password stops working, there’s no way to update the app.

          You need to enter billing information from the country whose App Store you are creating an account for. Unless you actually have a billing address in Canada, New Zealand, or Singapore, it’s probably against Apple’s T&C.

          You can download anything that’s free in the Canadian App Store with a Canadian Apple ID. That includes a ton of soft-launches. If you get Singapore and New Zealand accounts too, you’ll have access to the vast majority of soft launches. If you want to get something paid from a foreign App Store, you can do so with an iTunes gift card.

          You can easily switch between as many Apple IDs as you want. I went over the steps to do so at the end of the article.

          1. Thanks again,

            I’ll have a think about it and possibly sign into the Canadian account and download Boom Beach. Cheers!

            So to update boom a Beach, all I need is the original password so which downloaded the app?

        2. More precisely, you need the current password of the account that originally downloaded the app. With the public IDs, you run the risk of the accounts getting locked out. If you make your own ID, you maintain 100% control over it so you should always know the password and you won’t have other users who unfortunately try to reset the password.

  5. I have entered all of the correct information. The adress is right (same as used in the example), it keeps just giving me the apple support website link. Anyone wanna help me out?

  6. Just create your account on the computer iTunes. Find the little flag on the window that’s open switch it to the Canadian flag search “Boom Beach” press download when it prompts you to create an account do so and choose payment none and then sign into the account on your device and Boom beach can be downloaded. Keep in mind like said above you will need the account to download updates for the app(s) you get so remember the password.

  7. I soent ages trying to make one to get an app and i finally made one…. The app requiered ios 7 and i dot have it:(…..

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