Zynga Launches Running With Friends on Android, but Retitled as “Stampede Run”

One of the best endless running games I enjoy playing with my friends is Zynga’s Running With Friends, which was very popular on iOS. And my best run is 20K meters in a single match without using any Gem and power-up. I love this game mostly because it supports multiplayer mode that allows you to run with friends, and partly because of its art style and fast-paced match to sweet music.

Now developer Zynga behind this great game has just launched Running With Friends for Android in limited countries including Canada and Philippines. But Zynga gave it another title “Stampede Run”, which may better differentiate this one from the iOS version.

If you are familiar with the most popular running game “Temple Run” or Gameloft’s twisted running game “Minion Rush”, then Stampede Run will be your best companion to pass time and have fun.


Stampede Run is now available on Google Play but only in some countries for beta testing. If you cannot wait to download and play this game on your Android phone or tablet, you can download with our Stampede Run APK file.

View on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zynga.rwf.googleplay

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