S2 Games Announced Strife Companion App for the Free to Play MOBA Game Strife

S2 Games, the maker of Heroes of Newerth, today announced the official release of “Strife Companion App” for the highly anticipated MOBA game “Strife“, which is expected to launch in 2014 for PC, Mac and Linux. The app is designed to let players check out their hero stats, customize their heroes and feed pets, as well as craft and enchant items for real battle.

According to Pat Doyle, one of the PR specialists of S2 Games, the game is still not available for beta testing until next year. But if you are interested in playing this game before the official release next year, you can sign up for a newsletter that may help you get latest updates about the game and obtain a beta key.

Strife Companion App is a very nice app with several features that not only let players manage their resources, heroes, and pets, but also showcase part of how good the game is.  For those who have not heard of Strife, you can download the official Strife Companion App to check out the animated heroes and pets. 

View Companion App on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/strife-companion-app/id743305884?mt=8

Visit Stife official website: http://www.strife.com/

Update: S2 Games’s PR specialist emailed to us saying that only developers are now testing the game. Previously the second paragraph writes: “According to the official press release, “Strife The Game” is currently in internal closed beta and only a handful of beta testers could get access to the game. “

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