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Coming Tonight: Ninja UP, Mad Bullets, Zombie Commando, Red Ball 4, Ranch Online and More

Tonight’s releases include Gameloft’s Ninja Up, Istom Games’s Mad Bullets, Bulkypix’s Zombie Commando and the Ranch Online. DryGin Studios is launching Biomedical simulator Bio Inc. and FDG Entertainment releases Red Ball 4. To learn more about tonight’s new releases, just check them out below. Ninja UP!/id840146800?mt=8 Mad Bullets Piano City Dragon Raiders …Read More

Puzzle Games of the Week: Snoopy’s Sugar Drop, Godzilla, Bubo Drop and Maleficent

AppsGoer critics choose the week’s most noteworthy new releases. This week, AppsGoer has picked up a few match-3 puzzle games. If you love Candy Crush Saga, you will for sure love these games. Beeline Interactive presents a new Snoopy match-3 game called “Snoopy’s Sugar Drop: The Search for Belle”; Rogue Play releases an action match-3 game “Godzilla – Smash3″; Marvelous Games redefine the match-3 genre with Bubo Drop; Disney releases a new match-3 game Maleficent movie tie-in game Maleficent Free Fall.  Click the itunes link to download and read player’s reviews. Read More…

Coming Tonight: Demons vs Fairyland, BIOSIS, Atom Run, Crafting Story, Alone in the Dark and More

Welcome to our weekly Big Game Night. Armor Games announces a new tower defense game Demons vs Fairyland that shares some similarities with Kingdom Rush, Dragon Academy’s maker brings “I Dig It: Journey to the Core” to the App Store. BIOSIS is a game of music, story, adventure and puzzle, allowing you to travel through difficult levels of danger. This week, Bulkypix announces an action puzzle game 4444. There are a lot of good games coming to App Store now. Below is a list of games we selected. Read More…