Diamond Digger Saga Soft Launches for the Canadian AppStore, Android Version Coming Soon

King, one of the biggest casual game developers for Facebook and Mobile, has just released the iOS version of Diamond Digger Saga in the Canadian App Store. The game was originally released for Facebook and web on King.com’s independent platform earlier this year and the game’s official Facebook fanpage has over 3 million fans.

I have been playing Diamond Digger Saga since its launch on Facebook earlier this year and now has beaten the highest level of 250. The mobile version is the one everybody is expecting to play on their iPhone or Android Phone.

As I have played a few levels on my iPad, to find the mobile version does not feel as good as the Facebook version’s. The particle effects on facebook look cool, especially when all gems comes together to pass through the exit and then quickly spread them on the board from the entrance. There are a lot of details that should have been equally paid to mobile version of DDS.

On the other hand, the game supports Facebook connect, so you could synchronize your Facebook progress to your mobile device. The problem is the mobile version of DDS only features 130 levels and even though you have already finished level 250, you will only play the highest level 130 after you connect your Facebook account.

Anyway, the game is now in the closed beta in the Canadian App Store and if you have an iOS device or CA Apple ID, you can now play this game on your iPhone or iPad. For Android users, the game is still unavailable at the moment. But it should be coming out soon.

Here is the iTunes link https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/diamond-digger-saga/id636511657


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