Clash of Clans Finally Launches on Android, Worldwide Release Now

Update: Clash of Clans is now available worldwide for Android. Download it from Google Play:

Supercell is taking a long-awaited step to launch its critically acclaimed strategy game Clash of Clans onto the Google Play Store after more than a year’s exclusive operation on the iOS platform.

The official from Finland-based Supercell did not announce this news publicly on its forum or social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but it has already gone viral for whatever reason.

At the time of writing of this report, there have been over 200K installs in Canada and Finland only, and more than 6K active players gave it 5 stars. Most of the Android players said it was running pretty much smoothly with no lag time between different platforms.

Since the game has become a mega-hit on the iOS platform, there are tons of similar games launching on Android.  Among some noteworthy similar titles, IGG’s Castle Clash can be considered the most successful one thanks to its improved gameplay over Heroes and Shards. Other games like Samurai Siege, Steam Clash, and Jungle Heat, despite being greater than Castle Clan in graphics, ended up in failure due to the over-saturated market.

Although Clash of Clans is only accepting players from Canada and Finland, testing the waters to check if it performs as Supercell were expecting before it goes worldwide, it will finally create a potentially important source of revenue and turn out to be a formidable rival on Android.


If you want to play this game on your Android Phones or Tablets, you can download via this link

While if you cannot download it at the moment because of the fact “The item cannot be installed on your device’s country”, you may try to download Clash of Clans Android APK file and then manually install it.

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