First Look: Ention Wars – Pokemon Meets Clash of Clans

Developer Den Francis has just released its App Store debut, Ention Wars. It’s a multiplayer defensive strategy game (read: Clash of Clans clone) with a pretty cool twist: there are 45 monsters (called Entions) to collect and train. Each monster has access to four unique skills and can be used offensively or defensively. Players can defend their bases or raid other player’s bases with practically limitless combinations of different Entions, which provides great strategic depth.

Many of the gameplay elements are just like Clash of Clans. Players will need to build up a base, generate resources, set up defenses, raise an army, and raid others’ bases for more resources. Players will rise up the ranks as they claim victories over enemy bases. Players can also team up to form guilds.

There are 45 different Entions to train and raise. As mentioned, most creatures can either be used to raid enemy bases or to defend your own base. A few special Entions are Summons and can be deployed anywhere on an enemy’s map to provide a special boost for your offensive Entions, such as laying down a bunch of extra damage or providing your raiders with a shield. Each Ention has its own special abilities and priorities, so there are all kinds of strategic combinations you can employ on both offense and defense. For instance, Pyspuff blows up walls, Aeridain heals your units, Chomper eats buildings whole (but he’s really slow), Pyrogon can target multiple targets, Thamus targets resource buildings first, and Chabe draws the fire of nearby defensive buildings.

As you can see, Ention Wars features cool hand-drawn graphics. On top of that, every attack in the game is fully animated. If you are looking for a game that has both elements of Pokemon and Clash of Clans, Ention Wars is your perfect choice.

Check out Ention Wars on the App Store.

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