Glu Games Launches Contract Killer 3 in the New Zealand AppStore

Glu Games has recently soft-launched Contract Killer 3 in the New Zealand App Store to undergo a performance testing for further improvements. Players owning a New Zealand AppStore account could download the game for free now.

If you love the original Contract Killer and the second follow-up, you will definitely be amazed by Contract Killer 3 thanks for its spectacular visuals, easily approachable mechanics and story-driven mission mode.

However, Contract Killer 3 is slightly different from previous sequels as you may find there is a PVP feature implemented in this version. You are able to assault other players’ bases and steal their resources.

In a word, Contract Killer 3 will be a great triumph as it already showcases and packs a lot of trendy elements. Not only do you play as a master assassin to honor the contract, but you can play as a sniper to kill enemies, upgrade your weapons and protect your resources.

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