Clash of Clans Developer Supercell Soft-launches Boom Beach in Canada

Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans and Hay day, today quietly soft-launched a new strategy combat game called Boom Beach on the Canadian App Store. The game turns out to be a re-skinned game based entirely on Clash of Clans.

Like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach simply takes the same approach to putting you in the position of a leader of a village where you build your units to attack enemies and go for loot.

Boom Beach is set in the beautiful island, your village surrounded by beaches and woods. It was a peaceful paradise island until enemies invaded it with evil forces. You must train your own units like Rifleman, Heavy, Zooka, Warrior, or Tank to drive away invaders and free those enslaved islanders. Along the way, you can also attack other villages for loot.

Boom Beach resembles Clash of Clans in many ways, from the type of troops and resources, the presentation, village view, and interface. I am kind of disappointed of Supercell’s new game. It feels like a very low-budget clone with small changes.

Anyway, Boom Beach is free to play like Clash of Clans and monetized through the sale of in-game items and currency “Diamond”.

The game is currently only available for iOS in the Canadian App Store. To download and play the game, you need to have a Canadian Apple ID. Otherwise, you can use our public Canadian Apple ID listed on the right sidebar (better view the site on pc or in fullsite view). The game requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Note: You can also register a free Canada Apple ID using your own email. Check my simple tutorial.

Here is the iTunes Link:

Or check our early Preview with Gameplay Video.

Update: I just updated three new accounts for new players. If you want to update your previous achievements with the old accounts, I don’t think that is possible using the new accounts. Since those accounts were all ruined by a small portion of users, you will have to re-download to play this game from the beginning. So Please, please, please do not change the password or download other paid games, or this account will be disabled again. Thank you! For all and for your use next time.

Any problem, just leave a reply on this forum

Please follow this post to create your own Canadian Apple ID

90 thoughts on “Clash of Clans Developer Supercell Soft-launches Boom Beach in Canada

      1. I like the idea of having a community account, but obviously it has its flaws. I’m still glad you are trying because there isn’t much you can do about someone changing the password, and I’m glad you stay on top of this to make sure the password is available to everyone.

  1. yayayay thank you sooo much tony
    i have now got the game boom beach thanks to you! your severices were amazing responding at this hour i can not thank you enough!

  2. when i type password it transfers me to canada store but when i try get the game it keeps asking me to reenter the password, someone please help?

    1. I never run into this problem, but can you try downloading the game from iTunes on your Computer and then connect your iPhone or iPad to sync?

  3. I think you just have to keep trying as it works now. I think a lot of people are all trying to login at the same time and that causes the password to be declined sometimes.

  4. Just make your own Canadian accounts! I think the post is pretty harsh on the game and supercell. I think they are a great developer and am sure they will continue to add to the game and diversify it.

  5. Can someone tell me I made a fake Canadian I’d a account and downloaded it on the computer but when I look it up on my phone it doesn’t come out

    1. Go to iTunes store, click Redeem. Set up an account in CA and it’ll offer you the “None” payment option. Good to go. By he way this game rocks and is not a COC clone.

  6. Hey. This is a great idea. I think it would work better if u changed the password every couple of days, idk how long it takes though, don’t go to too much effort. Cheers!

  7. I need to get the update for boom beach and I can’t play cuz I logged out of the candinan Id please put up what the password Is

  8. Yes mine says that as we’ll, but I have the app i am trying to update it and it’s not working maybe when tony is next on he will fix it. Have you got the app?

  9. A few days i was so happy when this account worked and i downloaded the game, now it has an update and i can’t play so i came back but the account doesn’t work (even the updated one) it says that the account is disabled… Can’t you be happy having this nice people giving you an opportunity to play this game early!!!!!!

      1. Hi tony thanks for the account updates last time there is a new update and the num nuts have messed up the apple id’s can you please post new ones when you get time

  10. i tried making a Canadian apple ID but it says you HAVE to put in a payment card and mine are UK and says they aren’t valid in Canada 🙁 can’t get the update. they need to hurry up and bring boom beach out in the UK and rest of the world

  11. When are the Apple ID’s and passwords going to be updated it’s been ages since the last update and there seems to be lots of people asking but no answers
    I love this game and miss playing it
    can we at least get an answer if there are no more updates could you tell us

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