Spacetime Studios Launches Battle Command for iOS and Android

Earlier today, Spacetime Studios released its newest title, Battle Command!, on the App Store. Having been released for several weeks on Google Play, iOS gamers can now join in on the futuristic military-themed action.

Battle Command! is another entry in the endless stream of Clash of Clans clones. Build up a base, raise an army, and raid other players to claim their resources as your own. It features over 20 units ranging from ground troops to vehicles to aircraft. You’ll have a bunch of defensive options too, including turrets, mortars, and missiles.

Apart from its space marine theme, Battle Command! sports a few gameplay twists that distinguishes it from the competition. In addition to a single-player campaign and PvP, you can test both your offensive and defensive strategies by running practice raids on your own base. Like Clash of Clans, you can form alliances with other players and donate troops to help your friends on the battlefield. Unlike Clash of Clans, alliance members can also boost each others construction speeds and resource production rates.

If building up your own base in a sci-fi world and laying waste to enemy bases with space commandoes, giant mechs, and explosive air strikes grabs your attention, you should definitely give Battle Command! a download and some of your time. If you hurry, you’ll still be eligible for their limited time launch promotion and earn 50% more Crystals when you download the game.

On a side note, Spacetime Studios released its first COC clone “Battle Dragons” (Android, iOS) three months ago. Unfortunately, the game did not work well. Let’s wait and see how its new game works out.

Battle Command! on the App Store
Battle Command! on Google Play

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