Puzzle Games of the Week: Snoopy’s Sugar Drop, Godzilla, Bubo Drop and Maleficent

AppsGoer critics choose the week’s most noteworthy new releases. This week, AppsGoer has picked up a few match-3 puzzle games. If you love Candy Crush Saga, you will for sure love these games. Beeline Interactive presents a new Snoopy match-3 game called “Snoopy’s Sugar Drop: The Search for Belle”; Rogue Play releases an action match-3 game “Godzilla – Smash3”; Marvelous Games redefine the match-3 genre with Bubo Drop; Disney releases a new match-3 game Maleficent movie tie-in game Maleficent Free Fall.  Click the itunes link to download and read player’s reviews.

Snoopy’s Sugar Drop: The Search for Belle

If you love Snoopy, or Snoopy games like Candy Town, you will definitely love Snoopy’s Sugar Drop: The Search for Belle (Snoopy Drop for short). It is an amazing match-3 game featuring awesome power-ups and pretty cool presentation. It is extremely similar to Candy Crush Saga in terms of its gameplay and appearance. It matches well with Snoopy’s characters.


Godzilla – Smash3

Godzilla – Smash3 is an official Godzilla mobile action match-3 game. It bears a strong resemblance with Dragon and Puzzles. If you love such type of games, give Godzilla – Smash3 a try. It features spectacular skills and smooth experience of matching.

Hello Corn

Hello Corn ranks No.2 in the Chinese AppStore’s top free game chart. It can be considered a clone of Jelly Splash, but honestly, it is still a good game that lets you connect  corn lines to complete levels.


Maleficent: Free Fall

From the creators of Frozen Free Fall comes another match-3 game Maleficent: Free Fall. Personally, I love Frozen Free Fall as much as I love this one. At this moment, there are four chapters and 60 levels in total.

App Store: http://di.sn/sXd
Google Play: http://di.sn/gd2
Windows Phone: http://di.sn/tZU
Windows Store: http://di.sn/pY1

Bubo Drop

Bubo Drop is a 60-second puzzle match-3 game where you will tap to drop a Gemstone to create 3 or more in a group to earn scores within 60 seconds.


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  1. i erase the snoopy game…. i didn’t like that the coloful candy pops by itself!!!! how in the world i will use two together!!!!! to pass the level……

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