Social Game Maker PlayFlock Launches Tower Defense Game Dead Defence

A Russia-based social gaming company PlayFlock has just launched a new tower defense game called “Dead Defence” for iOS. The game is set in the post-apocalyptic world where you must take ups your arms to defend your base from being attacked by any enemies like zombies and virus-infected creatures.

dead defence

Dead Defence, at its core, plays with a simple goal of protecting your main base from being attacked and attacking incoming creatures by using towse defense structures and weapons. You will play the game by completing missions step by step and each mission will help you earn some energy and unlock more towers and techs. With more resources, you can deploy more defensive turrets to defend your main base.

The game has three modes: Challenge, Story and Battle. Upon the entry into the game, you will first do the tutorial story mission and after you complete a certain number of story missions, you will be free to play other modes to challenge yourself and other players.

The setting and gameplay easily remind you of Come2us’s Defense Technica. Anyway, if you love playing tower defense game and this post-apocalyptic background happens to meet your penchant, why not give it a try.

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